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How to find the best Christian Childcare in Auckland

Choosing the right Christian Childcare Centre in Auckland for your child can be a tough decision. Especially when you want to tick all the boxes so they have fun while being well prepared for the future.

Well.. what if there’s a way to easily pick the right childcare for your child? The good news is.. now there is.

Because there are five key factors you can look for when choosing your ideal preschool or Christian Kindergarten in Auckland. These factors tend to be the most important for you and your child’s well-being and learning. Stick with me for a few moments as I reveal what to look for when choosing the right Christian childcare:


#1 Christian Instruction- Whether you’re looking for a Christian preschool or daycare in New Lynn or in your local area, make sure to check the amount of Christian instruction time. The time for instruction should be more than that of a standard daycare.

At Grace Christian Community Preschool, we incorporate our Christian values through our daily activities. It is important that our children have a strong Christian foundation and this is taught through play and meaningful activities, so instruction time starts from the minute your child enters our preschool.


#2 Christian Values- It’s important that Christian values being taught at daycare or Kindergarten align with what’s being taught in your home. This is why we preach a partnership between parents and teachers.

At Grace Christian Community Preschool it is important for us to develop meaningful relationships with our Community and whanau. Our core Christian values are Love, Compassion, and Respect, and we teach this through songs, prayers, bible stories, and everyday activities.


#3 Christian Fellowship- It’s important biblical principles are embedded in the culture of the childcare centre. This way children can practice these morals and values as they build relationships with their peers.

At Grace Christian Community Preschool we encourage problem-solving in line with Christian values. As we want children to grow up confident in who they are and the connections they form.


#4 Class Sizes- It’s important that each child has enough support from their teacher. Making sure that your child can receive attention from their teacher is a good sign they’ll get the help they need in their learning. It also means the classroom teacher can ensure their safety and help them to learn positive behaviours.

At Grace Christian Community Preschool our staff is highly trained as both educators, Christians, and positive role models because we know children spend most of their week with our team. Our low teacher-to-child ratio ensures your child receives the highest quality Early Childhood Education in Avondale.


#5 Role Modelling- The final check you can do is to make sure your teacher will be a great role model for your child. Because children will and do pick up habits from those around them.

It’s why our staff at Grace Christian Community Preschool are well-trained and go through on-going professional development. Our teachers are in touch with Christian principles and make sure this is embedded in their teaching and learning.


It’s the reason why we’ve created such a positive space for our kids and families at our Christian Childcare Centre in Auckland.

Now.. sometimes the words Christian Childcare spur up thoughts of ‘hymns, the bible and Christian learning.’ However, teaching at a Christian preschool is so much more than this!


We teach children about their physical, spiritual, and emotional well-being. They get all the key areas of learning they’d discover in a standard OR Christian Kindergarten in Auckland.

Yet our children also learn morals and values which will help them uphold positive lives throughout school and into adulthood.


All our teaching aligns with the NZ Early Childhood Curriculum (Te Whariki). And our teachers have cutting-edge knowledge and strategies so children are exposed to the very best learning environment possible.

Every child is unique and it’s important to include parents, teachers, and the community as a tight-knit support network. At Grace Christian Community Preschool, we strive to be the link between New Zealand teaching standards and positive Christian values.


So, what are you waiting for? Log onto click on the enrol now tab, enter your child’s details and our Manager will contact you within 24 hours of enrolling.

It’s the best decision for your child and whanau!


Blessings! and hope to see you soon!

The Team at Grace Christian Community Preschool